The story about PasswordStar

We do not always behave rationally in the digital world with all of its passwords. Most people reuse the same few passwords for various services and change them far too seldom. In combination with the use of codes that are easy to guess, this behaviour makes the Internet a land of milk and honey for hackers and other digital criminals.

PasswordStar - because pattern recognition is the strength of the brain

PasswordStar is founded based on the idea that it should be easier to increase the digital security already today. The concept is based on the fact that human beings find it easier to remember a pattern than long codes consisting of letters and numbers. PasswordStar's figure is based on visual recognition and is therefore optimised to the way in which our brains work.

The team behind PasswordStar

PasswordStar is developed and marketed by a professional and enthusiastic team.
Jesper Dalsgaard Laursen came up with the idea for PasswordStar and is responsible for concept and software development in cooperation with Michael Wolstrup and John Dalgaard.
Michael N. Wilkens is head of the company and responsible for sales and marketing in cooperation with Kurt Mousten.

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