Targeted advertising

Due to its business concept, PasswordStar provides advertisers with a unique possibility to target their banner advertising.

As the PasswordStar star is displayed on the pages where a password needs to be entered, we are able to show your banner in connection with any website that requires a password. We offer banner advertising at specific websites, e.g.,, and If you have a website and you do not want others to show their banner in connection with your site, you can make an agreement with PasswordStar.

At PasswordStar stars are saved in categories as known from Favourites in the Internet Explorer. The users place all the sites to which they have passwords under the categories, and the banner advertisements will be displayed when the users need their passwords. We can offer the advertisers to buy banner space based on categories - categories which are pre-defined and categories which are defined by the users.

Banner advertising is settled on the basis of viewing and clicks or fixed price for a period. We send reports from Google Analytics to our advertisers with the relevant statistics.

Contact Michael N. Wilkens at or by phone +45 20 92 94 19 to have your advertising customised to match your needs.

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