What is PasswordStar?

Why should I use PasswordStar?

Users of the Internet have an average of 15 passwords for everything from bank and online shops to email and dating profiles. And the tendency is that we need an increasing number of passwords.

The purpose of the passwords is to increase the security and to prevent unauthorised persons from interfering with your personal matters. Unfortunately, the result is quite the opposite when you have to remember so many passwords.

The typical Internet user chooses one or several of the following solutions to be able to remember the many passwords:

To increase the security, you should always follow the advice below:

How does PasswordStar work?


The PasswordStar star consists of a figure containing 41 fields. You choose a secret pattern of, e.g., 8-10 fields in the figure. The pattern which is only known by you becomes your personal key for all of your passwords.

The star is designed to make it easier and more intuitive for you to remember your personal pattern. As it is easy for the human brain to remember simple patterns, you can quickly choose your own personal pattern and you will find it easy to remember it.

You only need to memorise your personal pattern. And nobody else can get access to your passwords. When you have chosen your personal pattern, you create PasswordStar stars for all of your passwords. You can even print your stars and leave them on your desk as nobody can see your passwords.

You may also use stars to remember other codes, e.g. PIN numbers. You only use the first four fields of your personal pattern for the number and fill in the rest of the fields using random numbers.

When you use PasswordStar, we save your passwords as stars. Since we do not know your personal pattern, neither we nor anybody else can use the stars. The key to your passwords exists only in your mind.

How do I remember my password for PasswordStar?

To make sure that nobody - not even PasswordStar - knows your personal pattern, you should not keep the star with your password for PasswordStar with us. We therefore offer you a solution as to how you use the same pattern for PasswordStar as for all other services.

Get the empty star as a Word or PDF document on this page. Fill it in with your password for PasswordStar and random characters in the remaining fields. Save the file on your computer or print it and leave it somewhere where you can easily find it.

How safe is PasswordStar?

There are almost 4 trillion (3,852,505,238,400) combinations when you have placed an 8-digit password in the star. This makes it extremely difficult for others to find your password by looking at the star.

In addition, PasswordStar is encrypted in accordance with the AES standard which is also used by the authorities in the USA. The connection to and from the computer you use is encrypted with Verisign's safety protocol. And we do not save your personal pattern or your password - they are only known by you. The key to it all is in your mind.

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